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Reacting to a seizure can be difficult, but can it be made easier? With the introduction of new treatment options, a more straightforward way forward can be found.

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Listen up to learn:

  • The previous options available for seizure patients
  • How a nasal spray revolutionized treatment
  • The availability of treatment

Dr. Stuart Madden, CSO of Neurelis, shares his organization’s goals for aiding those struggling with seizures and provides new hope for simpler and equally effective treatment for the future.

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Traditionally, once a seizure is upon the patient, the options to mitigate the effects are quite cumbersome and invasive. Fortunately, the nasal cavity may hold the solution long sought after by researchers and patients alike.

With the introduction of a nasal spray that can be used prior to or during a seizure, more treatment options become available for patients and caregivers. However, there are far more missions to accomplish for Neurelis, and Dr. Stuart Madden hopes to guide them there.

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