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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Can new technology better connect the brain and nervous system to help the body heal faster?

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Using neuronal networks, new human potential may be unlocked.

Listen in to learn:

  • How to recalibrate an overreaction from the body
  • The benefits of Direct Current
  • The qualities of the best NeuFit technicians

Garrett Salpeter, the Founder and CEO of NeuFit, shares the potential for healing with the help of his revolutionary technology.

Injuries may be catastrophic for those who suffer them, especially in cases where physical health is the cornerstone of life and livelihood. However, they may have been misunderstood, leading to unnecessarily long recovery times and further complications.

Using NeuFit technology, quicker recovery times for surgeries and injuries of all kinds can be possible.

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In addition, the body’s reaction to injuries can be modified using neurological stimulus, altering the healing process in significantly beneficial ways.

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