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Joining us again on the podcast is Dr.

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Bill McGraw, a prolific research scientist and the author of Aluminum Detox: An Easy Solution and Mercury: The Ultimate Truth and Chronic Disease. In this episode, Dr. McGraw shares evidence illustrating aluminum toxicity’s threats, how it’s related to Alzheimer’s disease, and a cure that he may have uncovered with his research.

According to Dr. McGraw, the truth is much simpler than throwing drugs and gene therapies at a terminal disease. Listen now as he describes how this illness can be prevented by utilizing the discoveries he has made in his analysis.

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In this episode, you will hear Dr. McGraw discuss:

  • How our tap water is a key factor in the delivery of aluminum to our bodies.
  • What measures you can take to remove aluminum from your system.
  • The other health effects of having aluminum buildup in your body.
  • How mercury toxicity is removed from your body.
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Could Alzheimer’s disease be an ailment of the past? How does aluminum influence cognitive abilities? Join us to find out!

Click here to find out more about Dr. McGraw and his cutting-edge research.

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