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In this episode, we address important environmental issues with Kalliat T. Valsaraj. Kalliat is a Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering at Louisianna State University, and he focuses his research on the impacts of plastic and wastewater pollution on the environment.

Working in the area of environmental transport and transformation of chemicals, Kalliat is determined to find out the behavior of microplastics – analyzing how they are generated and how they interact with the environment.

Join us now to explore:

  • How long it can take for microplastics to break down, and the process of their transformation.
  • The origins of plastic production, and how this has changed over time.
  • The chemical makeup of plastics, and how researchers are comparing the original product with the microplastic byproduct.

Want to learn more about Kalliat T. Valsaraj and his work with microplastics? Visit!

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