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McKeown was a chronic asthmatic who suffered from regular wheezing and coughing for more than twenty years before he discovered the Buteyko Method. After mastering the method, he has been completely free of symptoms, as well as medication, since the late 90s. Today, McKeown is a qualified practitioner after training with Professor Buteyko, the originator of the method.

McKeown talks about his background and how his own struggles with issues such as asthma, constant stuffy nose, and mouth breathing motivated him to find a solution. As he explains, having these issues can seriously impact the quality of our sleep, and as such McKeown used to wake up very tired often, before discovering Buteyko.

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Further, the Buteyko practitioner delves into the various techniques people can use to decongest their noses, to allow clearer breathing through the nose. The nose, in fact, is so important, that it is responsible for over 30 functions in the human body, so it’s clear that we want to keep it clear! As McKeown explains, nasal issues that prevent quality nasal breathing can contribute to so many problems from dry mouth/inflammation, to learning difficulties, reduced IQ, decreased productivity, and much more.

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The breathing expert talks about blood vessels and how breathing affects carbon dioxide levels. Blood circulation and breath are directly connected. Anxiety, depression, and high stress can greatly benefit from slower, fuller breathing. McKeown’s book, Close Your Mouth, is a respected self-help book that offers an easy to follow, complete instruction set for the Buteyko Method, to help combat asthma, nasal congestion, and snoring. And the proof is in the results, as multiple clinical trials have proven that the Buteyko Method is highly effective and provides a true remedy for the reversal of asthma, resulting in 70% less coughing and wheezing, and an astounding 90% reduction in the need for reliever medication, and a remarkable 50% reduced need for preventer medication.

McKeown talks about how he works with clients to help them develop an exercise plan that works for them. He can measure their breathing during their first visit and ascertain how they will be able to function in various exercises and periods of physical exertion. Through the Buteyko method, many people have found relief from their nagging, lifelong problems, and McKeown is helping to spread the word to the world, to help people find real solutions to their debilitating health issues.

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