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Gene Monterastelli, the founder of Tapping Q&A (, provides an overview of tapping as a therapy option to help people overcome obstacles in their lives.

Monterastelli earned his degree from the Catholic University of America. His vast experience in various therapeutic techniques includes hypnotism, guided imagery, NLP, parts work, as well as meridian based tapping protocols such as EFT.

Monterastelli talks about his background. He discusses how social anxiety led him to discover tapping. Monterastelli’s road to recovery and healing from his anxiety issues were aided by this interesting therapeutic technique and he decided to share his knowledge with others in his eBook. His popular audio-book, Recovering Self: A Healing Manifesto is available for everyone, at no cost. Monterastelli recounts how his social anxiety had gotten so bad before he discovered the power of tapping, that he couldn’t even call out his stop on airport shuttle buses, or help friends with favors that required a simple phone call to someone. In short, his life was in need of a solution, and he found it through tapping.

Monterastelli talks about studies regarding the effectiveness of acupuncture and how it has been proven to be a useful tool in pain management and also in battling depression and phobias. He discusses the early work of tapping therapy founder, Dr. Roger Callahan, who first decided to take the concept of acupuncture and adapt it to a form of healing using only hands and fingers to tap meridian points, abandoning the needles, to provide benefits to more people. However, the algorithms of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) are rather complex, and thus one of Callahan’s students, a man by the name of Gary Craig​, ​simplified the technique even more and thus became the founder of what we know today as EFT Tapping Therapy.

Monterastelli talks about the toolsets that people can utilize within the context of this therapy. He talks about the basic tenets of tapping that include tuning in to your issue (physical pain or emotion) and then tapping points. By moving from tapping point to tapping point, and talking through the problem, you can then conquer the problem. Monterastelli talks about trauma and how much tapping could be necessary to find relief and to recover. He talks about the many and various issues that tapping can be utilized to combat.

The tapping expert discusses how tapping can be used in a clinical setting. He outlines how simply being present is important in the process. And he goes into detail about some of the kinds of issues that people can tackle by utilizing tapping. Monterastelli works with clients across the globe, one-on-one over the phone as well as through Skype. Some of the main areas he provides his expertise on are as follows: stress, limiting beliefs, anxiety, smoking, learning disabilities, pain management, and even relationship issues.

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