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Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have their advantages, and Qtum is focused on combining the best of both worlds to improve decentalized blockchain applications for both mobile and IoT devices, specifically the core infrastructure of Bitcoin and the utility of Ethereum smart contracts.

Qtum is currently working on a project called X86 VM, which will allow for Ethereum smart contracts to be written in mainstream programming languages such as C++ or Go, making it more efficient to run smart contracts on mobile and IoT devices, make programming simpler for those who are not familiar with blockchain, and bring stability to the space. Using the SPV protocol, Qtum can bring smart contracts to these devices without having to trust third parties.

Throughout 2018, Qtum will be working on releasing the prototype for X86 VM around mid-year, continuing work on a lightning network that combines smart contracts and governance technology, and an enterprise version of Qtum. Jordan also discusses their vision of what blockchain can do in the future, and Qtum’s role in 2019 and beyond.

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