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There are several major problems with current professional networks, including that users have no control over their data, do not get rewarded for it when the platform monetizes and profits from their data, and that is can be hard to tell whether or not users actually have the skills they say they do.

Indorse plans to solve all of these problems by creating a decentralized professional network built on the Ethereum network where endorsed skills are verified by random users on the platform. Users can participate in the platform by creating and updating their profile, uploading proof of their skills, and validating the skills of other users. For these actions, users will be rewarded with Indorse’s ERC20 token IND.

This rewards users for sharing their data, and keeps control of that data in the user’s hands. Throughout this year, they plan on rolling out Ethereum smart contracts, working on partnerships, and starting the skills validation portion of their platform–including the ability to integrate and verify skills through other platforms such as Coursera.

Gaurang will be at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference in Dallas, Texas February 16-18, and will be giving a speech on the relationship between blockchain and education, and how blockchain can revolutionize the education world.

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