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The rate of technological advancement seems ever-increasing; not long ago, we didn’t even have cell phones, but now everyone has the equivalent of a tiny computer in their pocket with artificial intelligence-powered apps and the ability to complete transactions in a completely digital and automated fashion—transactions that used to require the work of a human. We’re entering an age where driverless cars, robotic surgery, and automation in a number of fields no longer belong in the category of science fiction, but science reality. These advancements are met with excitement by many and uncertainty by many others, especially in terms of the future of jobs in the United States. Will all of our jobs be replaced by computers? What effect will automation have on our societies and livelihoods?

As a senior policy analyst for the National Governors Association (NGA), Mike Bartlett is focusing on post-secondary education and workforce development amidst this changing landscape, and preparing for the future of work is at the top of his list. He joins the podcast not to incite fear of imminent mass job loss—in fact he will put your mind at ease by explaining why that’s not necessarily going to happen—but to explain the reasonable changes likely to occur and the steps necessary in order to prepare and help people adapt to an imminently changing work environment.

Tune in to learn how the NGA is helping all 55 governors of the states and territories in every policy area, what Bartlett sees as the three biggest trends in automation, examples of how other countries have dealt with similar changes in the workplace, how to address the challenges of rural communities and ensure that residents have what they need, the Good Jobs for All Americans initiative, and so much more.

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