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Kevin Puylaert is general manager of North American operations and VP of business development at SOPHiA GENETICS, a company that’s offering software as a service platform for the democratization of data-driven medicine.

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They have already connected nearly 1,000 institutions that are sharing genomic profiles across the platform, which means any given institution that’s analyzing a genetic profile can easily determine how it compares to another institution’s analysis of that profile somewhere else in the world.

To date, they’ve looked at over 300,000 profiles, and they see about 15,000 more profiles analyzed through the platform on a monthly basis.

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Puylaert joins the podcast to discuss how their platform sifts through the noise often found in genetic data and standardizes the way data is generated in order to allow researchers from a variety of places to make comparisons. He explains the type of research they’re helping to advance, which includes determining whether certain genes are associated with cancer, procuring prognostic information based on a variety of DNA and RNA samples, and recommending certain treatments for patients. He also discusses the other types of work they’re doing to get closer to a system of data-driven medicine.

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Tune in to hear the full conversation and visit to learn more.


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