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Joining us today is Dr. Michael Gonsior, a tenured associate professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. With a background in analytical chemistry and engineering, Dr.

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Gonsior found his passion in water chemistry, and he is using his knowledge to research the ocean at a molecular level

Dr. Gonsior has worked all over the world studying marine biogeochemistry, specifically trying to characterize “dissolved organic matter” in the ocean – a material researchers are still trying to understand… 

Jump into the conversation now to uncover:

  • How microplastic accumulates in the global ocean. 
  • The organic matter that researchers are finding in the ocean, and where it comes from. 
  • Why we must rethink the age of the deep ocean, and how old it may actually be.
  • How viruses influence the growth of algae.

Want to learn more about Dr. Gonsior and his research? Click here now!

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