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Can attempting to predict the future lead to more harm than good?

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Based on recent theory, transcending these uncertainties may lead to a healthier mental state.

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  • How uncertainty can harm your mental health
  • Solutions to limiting beliefs
  • The best way to cope with challenging conversations

Mel Schwartz, psychotherapist, marriage counselor, author, and two-time TEDx speaker, shares his work and knowledge surrounding the power beliefs hold over you.

While fear and anxiety can often sprout from many external sources, one of the most significant sources may reside inside.

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The beliefs we hold about our situation may actually be the limiting factor in our happiness.

Rather than living with these beliefs, it can be profoundly helpful to challenge them and attempt to shift our ways of thinking. Constructive change and conversation can build confidence and allow you to change direction to find the happiness you may not have previously thought possible.

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