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Wynand De Beer has always had an interest in evolution as a mechanism for life on Earth, but it wasn’t until about a decade ago that he really started diving into the study of it, guided by a question similar to the one that framed his doctoral work at the University of South Africa: is it possible to reconcile the Christian belief in creationism with the scientific evidence for evolution, and if so, to what degree? In the search for an answer, Wynand De Beer found himself immersed in Greek philosophy and surprised by what he was learning about cosmology, biology, and the connections between the two. He has since authored an account of all this and more, titled From Logos to Bios: Evolutionary Theory in Light of Plato, Aristotle & Neoplatonism.

Wynand De Beer offers a compelling conversation that touches on a variety of topics, including the mathematical foundations of the cosmos taught by Pythagoras, Plato and Neoplatonism, Aristotle as the first Western thinker to analyze biological phenomena among plants and animals, the concept that matter is shaped by the soul, physical versus metaphysical realities, how quantum behavior might be compatible with notions of a higher reality, the inaccurate conflation between evolution and Darwinism, the standard scientific explanation of the mind and the rebuttals to it, and the potentially imminent merge between man and machine.

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