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Louis Rosenberg, Ph.D., founder, chief scientist and CEO of Unanimous AI (, delivers an insightful overview of the many ways that AI is improving human intelligence and yielding higher quality outcomes in many industries.

Rosenberg is a seasoned scientific mind and has been instrumental in the success of many companies, public and private. He founded Unanimous AI as a means to further his interests in the study and development of collaborative systems, artificial intelligence (AI), as well as human-computer interaction. Rosenberg received a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Stanford University and then went on to complete his Ph.D., also at Stanford. He has spent many years developing for robotics, human-computer systems, and of course, virtual reality—an area of particular interest.

Rosenberg discusses his extensive background in artificial intelligence, and human intelligence, and the bridge between. While he states that society often worries about people being replaced by algorithms, he underscores that people are actually very smart, and the goal is to use AI to amplify human intelligence. He discusses the use of groups… a swarm functionality as he calls it. In a swarm system, people can answer questions to a problem together, which increases overall accuracy. The AI can measure general confidence level, etc. and help to zero in on the most accurate answers to a question or problem. Regarding medicine, doctors are able to reduce errors significantly by using swarm / collective intelligence. Ultimately, people are smarter collectively than on their own, and AI is helping this to become a reality in business and industry.

Rosenberg talks about the major companies, small businesses, universities and more that are taking advantage of swarm technology. As he explains, human knowledge provides an edge and AI is amplifying this significantly. He details some of their work implementing swarm-based predictive insights for upcoming products, entertainment, etc. The tech expert expounds upon their innovative technology and the many ways that everyone can get involved and utilize the swarm concept to increase their results, outcome, knowledge, etc. Additionally, Rosenberg discusses how predictive technology can help manufacturers better understand their markets.

As a noted expert in his field, Rosenberg has been awarded an astounding 300+ patents globally for his contributions to innovative technology in the areas of virtual and augmented reality, AI, and of course, human computer-interaction.

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