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Business operations are often bogged down by slow or inaccurate transfers of data, and project costs can skyrocket when specialists have to be called on-site to redirect or explain specific tasks.

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Kieran Hall, head of strategic partnership development at Rokid, explains the solution he and the Rokid team have developed: Rokid Glass, an AI and augmented reality-enabled, wearable remote assistive device designed to streamline enterprise and B2B operations by speeding up the transfer of important information and allowing for two-way calls between workers in the field and specialists on off-site locations. How does it work?

By combining computer vision technologies and AI learning, Rokid has developed glasses with a built-in camera that allows off-site managers or specialists to see exactly what their workers in the field are seeing and make real-time annotations in the worker’s field of vision. For example, the specialist could circle a problem area or type directions in the worker’s line of vision. In this way, a worker’s attention can be drawn to the correct location at the correct time, they can receive pertinent information precisely when they need it, and the specialist can maintain full oversight and provide ongoing instruction from anywhere in the world. The AI aspect of Rokid Glass benefits the worker by not only providing them with important information about their environment but even predicting and preempting them with the information they might need as they approach a new or changing work site, thereby keeping them prepared and informed.

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Hall discusses other use cases of this technology, one of which has already allowed a company to reduce their information overhead by 99% and to reduce a project’s completion time by 66%.

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Tune in for all the details, and with the official launch just right around the corner this May, stay up to date by visiting

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