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“When psychiatry became wedded with the drug companies, it became very little more than a sales department of the pharmaceutical industry,” says Dr. Peter Breggin.

He explains the pre-wedding state, post-wedding state, the future of psychiatry, and how it’s all related to the current virus situation.

Tune in to discover:

  • What a lobotomy is, how it works, and how recently it’s been performed in the US
  • Why various competing views in psychiatry have been reduced to one predominant viewpoint (and what that viewpoint is)
  • The damaging side effects and deaths related to the vaccine for the current virus

Dr. Breggin is a psychiatrist and author of over 20 books, with one of his most recent publications addressing the current virus situation and the influence of global predators.

He’s been involved with reform work his whole life, starting with giant volunteer projects in state mental hospitals over 60 years ago, to taking on almost all major lobotomy programs in the US since then, and to this very day, trying to tackle electroshock therapy, and what he calls “chemical lobotomies” through psychiatric drugs.

Dr. Breggin is the first psychiatrist to take various issues to the courtroom, and has been in trial over 100 times. Along the way, he’s been attacked and slandered by scientists, clinicians, fellow psychiatrists, and the medical-scientific establishment at large, but nonetheless remains firm in his stance against what he perceives to be unethical and even violent practices aimed at controlling humanity.

In today’s show, he reveals these practices in detail and explains how they are intimately tied to the current virus situation.

Tune in to hear the full conversation. Visit to check out his latest book and learn more

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