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Medtech Impact on Wellness

How can you be sure any medical treatments are safe and regulated?

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Organizations around the world are responsible for the information, but are they telling the truth? Listen up to learn:

  • If proper safety procedures were used in trials during the current virus situation
  • If new treatments enhance the abilities of diseases
  • How someone may fight against the misinformation fed to citizens worldwide

The founder of ICAN, Del Bigtree, discusses medical risk assessment and informed consent revolving around the central issues facing society today.

A rush to develop a treatment for burgeoning diseases historically leads to botched trials and ultimately risks the health of individuals globally. Informed consent before treatment has become a movement being backed by millions of wary consumers through education and activism efforts.

Efforts to cover up negative repercussions of rushed treatments may cause even more significant harm than was initially necessary.

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Corruption throughout global leadership hampers efforts to reveal the truth, but many organizations continue to fight back.

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To learn more, search for @delbigtree on Twitter or visit

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