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How does California and the US at large handle their water and prevent a crisis? Research and work on sustainable storage and flood prevention may lead us to the ultimate solution.

Listen in and learn:

  • Why California struggles with a consistent water supply
  • If flood water can be used to manage water crises
  • How local ecology can be used to control flooding

Retired Water Resources Engineer from the California Department of Water Resources, Ricardo S. Pineda, discusses his continuing lifetime of work researching water access, quality, and storage.

Water is a resource necessary for life everywhere, but due to specific hardships posed by locations around the country, it can be challenging to manage. Between pollution and flooding, finding a sustainable solution has remained elusive to engineers worldwide.

While the United States has a competent water management system, it still faces challenges like contamination and flooding regularly, especially in California. Other countries, like Honduras, have come up with creative solutions, but a permanent fix has yet to be discovered due to the unpredictability of weather from year to year.

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