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In this episode, we go on a journey of the mind and body with Erica Porter, the Founder of Endorphasm. With a passion for creating a fitness environment that brings others closer to their soul, Erica offers her 27 years of health, fitness, and behavioral lifestyle experience to those seeking control in their lives.

Erica is not only a fitness expert, she is also a mother, business woman, motivator, WOW Superhero professional wrestler, and happiness junkie. How does she work to facilitate change and create a life of total wellness for those around her? Click play to find out!

Join in now to discover:

  • The importance of treating your body with respect.
  • How Erica is changing the narrative of the fitness industry.
  • How to connect with exercise in a way that brings you joy.

To learn more about Erica and her work with Endorphasm, click here now!

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