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Today, we discuss all things gut health with Sunny Jain, the Founder and CEO of Sun Genomics. Founded in 2016, Sunny started Sun Genomics as a response to his son’s GI distress. Realizing that the “one size fits all” probiotic approach didn’t necessarily work, Sunny tested his son’s gut – and formulated the world’s first custom probiotic for his diet and lifestyle

Drawing from years of research and development, Sun Genomics aims to provide the best custom-formulated probiotics for those seeking exceptional gut health. What steps did Sunny take to succeed with Sun Genomics? Join the discussion to find out!

In this episode, we dive into:

  • The purpose that probiotics and prebiotics serve in the body. 
  • Why taking targeted probiotics is so essential. 
  • What makes our gut makeup so unique.
  • How intermittent fasting affects the gut microbiome.

To learn more about Sunny and his work, visit today!

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