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What is the relationship between a hotel and the surrounding community? In what manners does it contribute positively, and in what ways does it potentially create competition? How does this dynamic evolve based on the hotel’s geographical location?

Levar Jackson is the CEO and Founder of Yogh Group, a hospitality development and ownership company with patent-backed technologies. His goal is to make sustainable and impactful practices and technologies more cost effective than non-sustainable ones.

Jackson also wants to change the relationship between hospitality and surrounding communities, thereby creating a circular power economy and strengthening local communities.

Tune in to learn more and discover:

  • How to make hotels community ‘producers’ rather than ‘consumers’ so they enrich surrounding communities
  • Why tree planting is a highly ineffective carbon credit
  • The most effective but also most expensive carbon capture method
  • The difference between hotels that operate as competitors with surrounding communities and hotels that operate as producers for surrounding communities
  • Why climate change is just as much a corporate problem as it is a personal one

Got a great idea for innovation, or just want to learn more about Yogh Group initiatives? Check out Yogh group.

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