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Could a multi-state blackout lasting months be in our near future? Could the experience of Texans become the experience of US citizens all over the country? And is that all it would take for the US to quickly revert to the status of a third world country?

Tune in to learn:

  • Why wind power does not actually have a low carbon footprint, and how its use has impacted the safety margin of the power grid
  • How the recent power outages in Texas could have been avoided, and which precautions were not in place
  • Why a major blackout affecting millions of Americans in many states is almost inevitable

Physicist and environmental advocate, and largely self-taught expert in all things energy and environment, John Droz shines a light on the recent blackouts in Texas, telling listeners how they happened, why they happened, and how they could have been avoided.

This discussion leads to a deep dive into wind power: how it works, how it is being used, who is pushing for its widespread use, and why it is so problematic when it comes to the power grid safety margin.

Droz shares all the details.

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