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How is wind energy technically, economically, and environmentally superior to other forms of energy? It isn’t. In fact, countless studies have shown it to be a liability in all three regards.

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  • How the production of wind energy actually requires fossil fuels rather than avoids them
  • What it is about wind energy projects that can lead to serious adverse health effects on communities nearby
  • The two primary types of gas facilities and how they compare with regard to cost, response time, and CO2 emissions

Physicist, environmental advocate, and creator of and a newsletter that covers many environmental topics, John Droz, shares surprising—if not shocking—information about alternative forms of energy, particularly wind power.

He begins by describing the path that led him to retire from General Electric at age 34, and where he’s taken his career since then. From state regulation of commercial water extraction, to a deep dive into research on what goes into wind energy production, to the primary pillars upholding the sentiment of climate change as an extremely urgent matter, Doz shares his insight on it all.

The commonly-held belief is that the advantages of wind energy are many, and unquestionable. But Droz pushes for a closer, more critical look at the issue. He also shares his thoughts on climate change—what it means, to what degree it may be occurring, and what ideas may be more politically driven than anything.

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