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Given their close relationship with human beings, primates continue to provide an intriguing field of research for scientists around the world. As we learn more about these animals and their behaviour, their cognitive abilities remain a distinct point of interest for researchers.

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Dr. Alecia Carter is a lecturer in evolutionary anthropology at University College London that does extensive research regarding the evolution of cognition in primates. Classically trained as a zoologist, the majority of her work has been focused on medium to large size monkeys.

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Dr. Carter continues to explore how primates’ perceptions and group interactions display an advanced level of mental capacity.

Listen now to hear Dr. Carter discuss:

  • The specific primate populations she interacts with and how researchers choose them.
  • The importance of long-term data collection in primate study.
  • The fascinating things she has witnessed in her close contact with these animals.

Hear about all of this, and more about her current and future research questions surrounding primate cognition in this fascinating podcast!

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To keep up with Dr. Alecia Carter’s research, you can visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @alecia_carter.

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