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Why does Hollywood seem to shy away from the topic of Christianity? Though the big-box movies often have massive budgets, more thoughtful Christian pieces usually do not get the same attention.

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Listen up to learn:

  • How Hollywood generally treats the topic of Christianity
  • Why fewer faith-based movies get made
  • How more faith-based productions can find success

Actor, Producer, and Director, Kevin Sorbo, shares his experience as a professional in Hollywood standing up for Christianity in a religion-averse environment.

Despite the more thoughtful and family-oriented topics and approaches of faith-based movies, very few get the same level of attention given to big-box productions. However, over 80-million households may be waiting for just such works.

From strengthening his own faith and the values of others, Kevin Sorbo plans to keep fighting to bring faith-based productions into the mainstream. If we continue the same path we are on, we may pass the tipping point and find ourselves in severe trouble.

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