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Can love really change the world for the better? By reevaluating how we perceive the world, we may be able to affect the change we wish to see around us. Listen in to learn:

  • How Juan Lee found the strategies he uses to find happiness today
  • How to encourage tolerance in those around you
  • How Juan Lee’s coaching program works

Juan Lee, the author of Love Made Simple, shares his strategies to cultivate love and happiness in the world and the people around him.

Far too many people go about their daily lives with negative attitudes and very little love in their hearts. Due to this, negativity, hostility, and malice permeate many of their actions, making the world a more pessimistic place.

By embracing love throughout life, holding good in your heart, and showing it to others, there is hope to make the world better. By acknowledging just one person around you, you can make their lives better and create a ripple effect of love.

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