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Can we explain how life emerged and gained cognition through explaining cell origins and evolution? We may be farther off than we currently think. Press play to learn:

  • How we are thought to be cognitive while our cells are not
  • Natural selection’s place in the design theory
  • Where the “life” resides in a cell

David Galloway, an Honorary Professor of Surgery at the University of Glasgow, shares his research on the complexities of life and the possibility of design rather than happenstance.

The origin of life and our ability to think in the abstract has long been debated. While there have been countless theories over the course of history, two of the primary contenders are random chance and grand design.

Natural selection and evolution are generally thought to be the two significant players in the development of life over eons, but there may be a grand cognition that designed this process. By examining common threads that run through almost every aspect of life, we may be able to begin to approach an understanding of the larger plan.

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