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What happens when a glacier dies?

While it may occur over the course of decades, it can have devastating effects on the environment.

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  • Why it is essential to consider the origin of an iceberg
  • The regions that depend on glaciers to avoid drought
  • The best lever we have to control climate change

Ben Marzeion, Professor at the Institute of Geography and MARUM, shares his work as an oceanographer offering insight into glaciers and how climate change impacts them.

It can be challenging to notice glaciers’ status or health since their lifespan and changes can take decades or even centuries to observe.

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However, that does not mean that climate change has taken its toll.

Since many regions worldwide depend on glaciers and ice sheets to regulate climate and provide sufficient water, the slow melting process may be the beginning of the end. One of the most significant threats caused by this is the quickening speed of ice sliding into the ocean, causing the sea-level rise and the potential shrinking of Antarctica.

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