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Xain AG, a blockchain startup is focused on developing concepts that use blockchain, artificial intelligence and data analysis on a decentralized platform. They are using a hybrid blockchain solution combining machine learning, or reinforcement learning, to strengthen the blockchain network.

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Leif Lundbaek, CEO, and Co-Founder at Xain AG explains how the concept began with a research project at Oxford University in 2014. It has since evolved into a system using modern machine learning on an Ethereum-based blockchain with the goal of enabling a robust and adaptable infrastructure for automated business processes.

In 2017, XAIN AG won the 1st Porsche Innovation Contest. They are currently busy developing various projects with Porsche and DHL enabling these companies to build privacy friendly, secure environments to create strong positioning in an automation future.

Lundbaek explains why data is an important component to developing AI and machine learning, which are now being applied to a wide variety of uses.

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Blockchain technology has a special role to play in the world of data. He uses Google as a strong example of a centralized entity they are trying to get away from, where every bit of information is easily available to anyone.

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Instead, Xain AG is continuing development on a platform for decentralized learning where knowledge can be shared and learned without giving all of the data away in the process.

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