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We are in a time of exponential and disruptive change, so the mental models that we have don’t really apply the same way anymore,” explains Mark Bonchek, founder of ShiftThinking.

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For the past 20 years, Bonchek has been trying to understand the ways in which digital technology and network-based ways of communicating and connecting have affected society. As the founder of ShiftThinking, he’s applying what he’s learned in order to help leaders and organizations make the shift into new ways of thinking.

Rather than thinking in terms of “What should we do?

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”, Bonchek encourages business owners and leaders to ask whether or not they are thinking about things in the right way. He discusses which mental models are becoming obsolete and why, and how companies like Uber and Airbnb have already shifted into new ways of thinking:

“In strategy and growth…the real shift…is to start thinking about it as a business platform…where you don’t have suppliers and customers as two separate groups….people can be suppliers or customers, and you are a platform that’s connecting supply and demand.”

To learn more, visit ShiftThinking’s website at

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