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Jen Fisch, founder, Keto In The City (, is hungry—hungry for knowledge, and she always has been. She is a self-described autoimmune warrior and single mom who is incredibly passionate about the ketogenic lifestyle. In this interesting podcast Jen talks about her journey and the power of the ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, and very low-carbohydrate nutrition plan. As we restrict carbs and sugars our bodies convert fat, instead of sugar, into energy.

Jen Fisch’s life is a busy one, but somehow she made time to release three best-selling keto cookbooks in one prolific year, The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook, The Big Book of Keto, and Keto In 30 Minutes. The books are the culmination of years of intensive study and research in the area of ketogenic nutrition.

Jen talks about her journey to a new life. Diagnosed with psoriasis at the tender age of 18 and then psoriatic arthritis just one year later, Jen slowly began her path to understanding, and about a decade later she began to fully grasp the correlation between inflammation of the body and food.

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She underscores the importance of understanding carbs and sugar, when beginning a new way of eating. She expounds upon the benefits of keto. One of the most valuable benefits she states is sleep—when on a ketogenic diet, those sugars aren’t in the way of your ability to get quality restorative sleep.

The keto expert talks about the importance of tweaking your diet, that we must look at it like a lifestyle and continually make decisions about our diet and how it is affecting us. We don’t need to follow exact directions and rules, but we need to find our way in the journey and continually evaluate our food intake and listen to our bodies. She underscores that keto is not a cure for medical conditions, and that many people certainly need medications. But keto is a great compliment to the medications that patients are taking to improve their conditions.

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Jen talks about the amazing feedback that she gets from the many people who have watched her YouTube videos and read her books. And she states that the ability to help people is very rewarding.

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Jen takes great satisfaction in helping people get on board with the keto lifestyle and improve their health, heal their bodies, lose weight, and feel so much better living life.

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