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Brian McCarthy, Executive Vice President,, provides an extensive overview of the current state of dental care.

As the operational leader of as well as the Executive Vice President at Futuredontics, Inc., McCarthy has spent many years advancing the field of modern dentistry. His vision and strategic execution of goals has helped to deliver value to dentists and patients via the design and creation of multiple products that push interactions, leading to better quality dentistry for all.

McCarthy talks about a growing epidemic in the United States—the lack of oral care. McCarthy states that many Americans are simply not taking care of their teeth, and as the connection between oral care and overall wellness is significant, this is a problem. He talks in detail about how dentists in particular have been slow to adapt to the mobile web and have not taken full advantage of changes in technology. Interestingly, he mentions a study that showed 67% of US adults will expect to be able to book their healthcare appointments entirely online—by 2019. The future of online access is here, but the vast majority of dentists don’t support online booking. Seeing this need, McCarthy sought to make dentistry more accessible for everyone. In any given year, less than half of the population goes to the dentist, and McCarthy states that this is a problem aims to correct.

The dental care entrepreneur talks about the many advanced products that have been developed in the dental industry, from clear aligners to other orthodontic products and more. He discusses new equipment that reduces risk, and the great advances that are happening in tooth repair. McCarthy discusses preventive care in detail, and explains how modern dentistry can offer improvements in the arena of oral care. Today, dentists offer so many features in their offices that make the experience calmer, more fun, and sometimes even spa-like. As he states, it is the age of the consumer, and businesses that recognize that are moving ahead of their competition and excelling in the industry.

And McCarthy talks about the inclusion of texting technology in the marketing efforts of many dental offices. He discusses how the concept of teledentistry can improve patient/doctor relations. Teledentistry is the use of various information technology and advanced telecommunications for dental care consultation and education. While McCarthy is careful to point out that teledentistry is certainly not a replacement for office visits, it is an opportunity to have more direct contact with those who care for your teeth, an opportunity to learn more, and to motivate individuals to work toward improving their overall oral care.

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