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Fraud and security might just be two of the things that weigh heaviest on every company’s shoulders. It is a day and time where hackers and fraudsters are around every corner, doing push-ups in the parking lot, waiting to strike.

Keeping up with the changing methods fraudsters use is a certain challenge for businesses. To combat this problem, fraud and risk management innovator, Simility, has created a platform that takes fraud prevention to a whole new level. Theirsolution uses a multi-layered approach to fraud detection.

Without giving away the secret sauce, in this interview we take a look at how Simility’s software analyzes transactional data to detect fraudulent transactions. Additionally, we explore the use of behavioral and transaction-based fraud-prevention technology and how it determines if certain behaviors are following duplicitous patterns.

Co-Founder and CTO of, Kedar Samant, sits down and talks with us about the advancements they have made in fraud detection and protection and what new security challenges may lie ahead. He also discusses why he believes machine learning and data analytics are both essential for fraud prevention.

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