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Described by its users as the next generation PayPal with built-in trust, Monetha was founded on the idea that merchants cannot be given trust without transactions occuring. Monetha has two parts that work together. The first is a payment processor on the Ethereum blockchain, powered by smart contracts.

The second, and more important part, is a decentralized trust and reputation system for online merchants on the platform, allowing users to see and contribute to trust ratings. When users pay for transactions, their transaction is rated by a smart contract system that looks at not only the value of the transactions, but whether the user experienced any issues, had to return their purchase, and a number of other data points collected both during and after the transactions.

Though Monetha is currently for online merchants who allow payments to be made in Ethereum-based coins, in the future they hope to allow fiat transactions, and expand to brick-and-mortar merchants.

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