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“Normally, you would host your own node to interact with the blockchain and sync the blockchain, but what we’re doing is using a superior messaging protocol and proof of stake collateral system, so you can connect your mobile device to these Ethereum nodes that already exist,” explains Nick Fierro, CEO of Mimir Blockchain Solutions. So, what does this accomplish?

By allowing users and developers to bypass the process of setting up their own nodes and syncing them to the blockchain, it reduces the time necessary to scale projects. But that’s not all: the more people that join the network, the more nodes, and as the number of nodes increase, so too does the level of security in the system.

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It’s the first of its kind, and it’s already generating a good deal of interest.

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Tune in to learn more.

Fierro also discusses:

  • How Mimir incentivizes people to join the network and how that, in turn, allows for more secure transfers of information between nodes and mobile devices.
  • An upcoming blockchain-based augmented reality application (and the benefits of using the blockchain for this purpose).
  • The prospect of creating an incentivized economy for finding escape routes and making them available to victims of natural disasters via mobile device apps.
  • How developers and users can get in contact with Mimir Blockchain.
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