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As co-founders of HireMatch, Chad Kettering and Armando Pantoja have developed a solution to the inefficiencies of the current employee recruitment industry. By utilizing blockchain technology to decentralize the employee recruitment market, HireMatch casts an unrestricted net on the pool of all applicants at any given time.

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“The decentralized nature of it is one of the beauties, because…if I hire a typical recruiting agency, they typically are just going to put forward…whoever is under their umbrella.

You’re not necessarily getting the best candidate out there, you’re getting the best candidate with that recruitment agency,” says Pantoja.

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When a job seeker posts their resume on HireMatch, recruiters will verify and carefully match their qualifications with an open position and then submit a recommendation on their behalf.

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As a result, employers end up with just a few high-quality, fully vetted candidates. What’s in it for the recruiters? A tiered system of token-based payments. Tune in to learn more.

Kettering and Pantoja also discuss:

  • How HireMatch benefits to job seekers in addition to employers.
  • Common complaints about and problems with traditional recruiters, and how the HireMatch model incentivizes a consistently high level of success from its recruiters.
  • HireMatch’s current crowdfunding sale and alpha version, as well as the upcoming beta version set for release by the end of this year.

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