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What does computer programming, blockchain, internet voting, ICOs and music have in common? They all contribute to the continuum of experience and knowledge that Joe Mohen, CEO of Chimes Media possesses and shares with Future Tech Podcast.

Despite an impressive career involving technology, elections, church fundraising, fashion and music, Mohen is driven by two fundamental questions: how is the world different today and how can I use my technical and engineering skills to change the world?

Most recently, Mohen has launched Chimes Media, an innovated bifurcated ICO that seeks to repurpose music data and create a comprehensive music ecosystem that will provide access to music production credits in a cool interesting way.

According to Mohen, an estimated eight percent of internet searches is related to music. Chimes Media is building a database to consolidate search results related to music to provide consumers access to an organized, structured index.


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