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There is a lot of hype surrounding blockchain technology, and according to IBM consultant Brian Sweeney, you should believe the hype. The impact of blockchain technology is “immutable,” Sweeney recently told Future Tech podcast, and “is happening whether you like it or not.” As a senior blockchain consultant with IBM, Sweeney provides education, consultation, implementation and maintenance of blockchain technology to businesses eager to be more

According to Sweeney, any business that is involved in any supply chain can benefit from blockchain due to increased traceability. Traditionally, businesses put trust in other businesses based on relationships that may take years to develop. With blockchain technology, however, businesses put trust in the network which greatly reduces risk because data is recorded through a decentralized system with complete transparency.

Today, blockchain technology is like Facebook in 1997, according to Sweeney, and is approaching the “tipping point” of becoming part of everyone’s everyday life.

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