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Jim Segermark is the CEO of InSitu Biologics, a biotech company using hydrogel technology to offer post-operative patients with the option of a non-opioid regional painkiller.

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Composed of three compounds found naturally in the body, the gel is injected with bupivacaine, which is then pushed out by water over time and released into the body, providing for three to five days of a complete analgesic effect on the area of pain.

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Once the bupivacaine has been released entirely, the body easily metabolizes the gel within about two weeks.

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Though it has not yet been tested in human clinical trials, this biohydrogel has shown to be effective in the laboratory and holds promise for post-op patients who want fast, effective, long-lasting, and opioid-free pain relief.

Segermark discusses the potential applications of this new product, which include using the gel as a vehicle for birth control and erectile dysfunction medication rather than bupivacaine, and custom-tailoring the gel to release multiple medications at certain times and for specific durations, thereby meeting the needs of patients on an individual basis.

Tune in for the full conversation, and visit to learn more.


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