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Despite huge successes in issuing over 110 patents and having 250 pending licenses, Leigh Rothschild says his latest venture is the most exciting one yet: Qmage, a free app that will revolutionize the way we interact with digital images. By incorporating audio, video, text files, URL links, and e-commerce links into tens of thousands of digital images, Qmage is allowing anyone with an iOS device or QR code scanner to access it all at with a single click.

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With applications in the photo, greeting card, automobile, real estate, and retail industries, this technology has the potential to find its way into almost every aspect of our lives.

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Imagine being able to scan a greeting card and immediately hear audio or watch a video created and uploaded by your loved one, or scanning an image of a house for sale and immediately experiencing a virtual tour or communicating with the realtor. Rothschild also discusses plans to incorporate an augmented reality feature, which would allow users to scan an item of clothing and not only receive all of the associated information, but actually see what it would look like on them, and get suggestions for accessories that might go well with it.

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The Qmage app is currently in the beta form of development and is expected to be released soon. Learn more at and reach out to Rothschild at

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