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For almost 10 years now, Jagannath Padmanabhan has been conducting interdisciplinary biomedical research focused on how our bodies react to biomedical devices, why these devices are almost always ultimately rejected, and the role of mechanical forces in the rejection process.

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More recently, Padmanabhan has been working as a post-doctoral research fellow in the surgery department at the Stanford School of Medicine, where he collaborates with surgeons to collect a variety of biomedical implant devices that have been rejected by and removed from the human body.

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By studying the cells on these devices, the team at Stanford is gaining insight into the types of cells that are involved in the rejection process and how to go about increasing the amount of time before the rejection process sets in.

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Among other topics, Padmanabhan discusses the link between wound healing, scar formation, and implant rejection, how the manipulation of implant device surfaces could increase their lifespan in the human body, and the role of mechanical stimulation in accelerating the rejection process.

Tune in to learn more about his current research and its potential applications in clinical medicine, and reach out to him by email at

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