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How has the shift in customer behavior and mental health affected employees? Through management strategies and developmental procedures, employees can be protected from many of the negative impacts. Listen up to learn:

  • How Graeme Cowan realized the importance of employee mental health
  • The three elements of a “we care team”
  • The unique pressures placed on managers

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Graeme Cowan, of #1 Team Care and a resilience speaker, shares his mission to improve employee mental health and build a more productive and efficient workplace.

It is no secret that the working situation for many worldwide has been significantly altered in recent years. Due to increased pressures and new challenges, it has taken a toll on employees and executives at all levels.

However, there are ways to combat these negative impacts and rebuild a healthier workplace from the ground up. Additionally, using strategies to promote caring has been shown to increase employee efficiency and profit in many situations.


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