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Can looking to the past revolutionize how we approach government and leadership? Through strategies like lottery systems and more accessible leadership, ancient Greek politics may have been on to something.

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Listen up to learn:

  • How some ancient Greek offices were chosen
  • What sortition serves to do
  • How corruption can be avoided in sortition

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Jeff Miller, Political Science and International Relations professor at New York State University, shares how ancient Greek Politics reflect on our political landscape today.

The leadership techniques used by many governments and businesses have some glaring shortcomings in many situations.

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From a lack of diversity to inaccessibility, there may need to be a shift in thinking.

Drawing from the example of ancient Greek politics, there are strategies to get a broader range of voices involved in making the decisions that will affect them. For instance, sortition gives everyone an equally likely shot to be their own leader, bringing in new ideas and voices into leadership.

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