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First of all, for a subject as complex as Quantum Computing & Quantum Physics, Gregoire Ribordy is awesome at making difficult topics understandable by the average non-physicist. For that reason alone, this is a great interview.

IDQ provides its customers long-term security of their data through quantum-safe crypto solutions. IDQ also provides best-in class instruments, tools and expertise that enable its customers to crack problems by utilizing the potential of quantum physics.

Gregoire Ribordy, talks about Quantum-Safe Crypto, Photon Counting and Random Number Generators. Mentioning the commercial application he lists down; Lotteries & Gaming, Cryptography, IT Security Applications, Quantum cryptography, Password & PIN Number Generation, Random seed generation, Mobile Prepaid Systems, Numerical Simulations and Statistical Research.

IDQ is a Swiss based firm, operational since 2001.

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