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In order to provide value for both end-users and shareholders, companies need to access to large amounts of high-quality data, and IBM’s blockchain services are designed to accomplish this task. Through the use of blockchain, IBM can provide companies with reliable and trusted data, a single version of the truth, and allowed designated individuals permissioned access to that data in order to make rational well-informed business decisions.

IBM’s efforts generally focus on multi-step, complex transactions in areas that deal mainly with people, processes, or paperwork. For example, through their blockchain efforts, IBM has seen a 90% reduction in paperwork. Walmart, another client of IBM’s blockchain services, has seen the time it takes to identify the source of contaminated produce during recent scares drop from almost 7 days to 13 seconds.

Because of these and many other examples, Jason believes that widespread adoption of blockchain in large corporations has already begun. Jason also discusses his thoughts on large companies and cryptocurrencies, and what he thinks is coming in the blockchain and crypto spaces during 2018.

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