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After many recent reports of exchanges and wallets being hacked or compromised, computer security is a major concern.

Loopring provides an open protocol that adds extra security layers between exchanges and wallets, in order to keep consumer’s funds safe.

Loopring is also a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that aims to solve many of the problems of centralized exchanges, including high transaction fees, low transparency, and a high risk of funds being stolen.

Additional features such as order-sharing and ring matching provide liquidity to the market and ultimately make the exchange more convenient and secure for users.

The protocol is currently open for ERC20 tokens, and despite setbacks with their ICO in August 2017, have already released their Qtum protocol ahead of schedule, and plan on releasing their Neo protocol around May 2018. Their protocols are also accompanied by a cold-storage wallet, and they are launching their Android and iOS app versions shortly.

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