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ER doctor Jeff Gusky presents a strong case for key prevention measures of COVID-19 transmission and is eager to spread the word.

He tells listeners about

  • The connection between low humidity and Vitamin D levels increasing COVID-19 infections, 
  • Numerous examples that show how this is mirrored in hot spots and differences in country contagions, and
  • Ways to mitigate these causes and how his grassroots movement is trying to spread the word.

In addition to being an ER doctor, Jeff Gusky is a National Geographic photographer and an explorer. In this podcast he addresses urgent concerns he has about COVID-19 in light of the approaching flu season as well as for folks with vitamin D deficiencies.

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His concern for flu season actually centers on the low humidity levels in cooler months.

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Therefore, he’s launching two grassroots initiatives to spread his concerns: 1. Don’t Go In and 2. Get started, Get Tested, Get Right.

The first initiative emphasizes the dangers of low humidity and urges people to get a hydrometer and not enter spaces below 50% absolute humidity. He asserts that COVID-19 infection only happens indoors in dangerously dry air and is completely tied to weather conditions. He’s concerned that as fall approaches and the air gets dryer, the virus will infect more easily.

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He mentions findings and studies to support this trend and describes different climates that have seen different infection rates.

His second initiative connects vitamin D and coronavirus infections. Studies have shown a correlation between vitamin D deficiencies and trouble with COVID-19; therefore, he urges listeners to get their vitamin D levels assessed and supplement if low. He provides more detailed numbers and findings in the podcast as well and discusses his free webinar to promote these issues.

Jeff Gusky just completed this 16-minute webinar about GOING ON OFFENCE AGAINST THE VIRUS.

For more information, watch his webinar. He’s also happy to take questions by email:

Available on Apple Podcasts:

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