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Medtech Impact on Wellness turned their resources to mapping Covid 19 mutations in late February.

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Their CEO, Dr. Ching-Yung Lin, explains the process and tells listeners what his company has learned, including

Graphen specializes in building AI platforms based on graphs to serve sectors such as the financial industry. They’ve worked to identify hard-to-trace global movements such as terrorist networks and money laundering. As Covid 19 began to progress, the company turned its resources to using artificial intelligence in healthcare, plotting and analyzing available data such as whole genome sequencing analysis.

Dr. Ching-Yung Lin describes for listeners the steps they have taken. The company assessed what they could contribute to understanding the virus propagation at the end of February. They felt it was an appropriate time for them to jump in and help contribute through using artificial intelligence in healthcare.

He explains that different countries are sequencing the virus and sharing the data.

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Graphen takes this data and shows the mutations, but also shows the parent viruses of these mutations, giving them the ability to map its path. When the virus propagates or replicates, it copies itself. As with any copying process, mistakes can happen in translation–this is essentially a mutation. 

Mutations are very important indications of how it changes and how it propagates and spreads; therefore, this information is providing the crux for how Graphen can investigate Covid 10’s habits. For example, they are able to reverse-assess the danger a community may be in: they can us the virus sequencing to determining how long it has actually been in the community based on mutations.

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They are trying to use this information to figure out how it might continue to replicate itself but also how to shut down its replication ability

They are sharing the mutation of each virus and gender and age of the diagnosed patient on their web site so people can study the data on their own if they would like. It’s updated every day. 

Find out more at

Contact them through email with questions or information by sending to Finally, if you have any ability to get Graphen more data, please consider reaching out to them.


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