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In 2014, physician Diva Nagula was surprised to face a startling diagnosis. His medical and personal journey is now a part of non hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 4 survival stories and he shares some of what he’s learned post cancer treatment.

He shares with listeners

  • How he handled his diagnosis and understanding of different types of non hodgkin’s lymphoma and cancer treatments;
  • How he was able to find the spark again and claim a healthy place and lifestyle for himself; and
  • How he advises patients based on his own journey to find a place of healing the mind and body.

Dr. Diva Nagula is an author, physician, and stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor. He began his career as a board-certified osteopathic physician and has extensive knowledge and training in Integrative and Functional Medicine. He adds his particular experience as a physician encountering symptoms of non hodgkin’s lymphoma.

He tells listeners the different phases of his diagnosis, from his first doctor visit to his waiting period before undergoing chemotherapy and his non hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment. He describes spiraling into a fight-or-flight mode at this time as well as an angry phase that left him alone and without social support.

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His research led him into examining non hodgkin’s lymphoma survival rate by age and basic non hodgkin’s lymphoma survival rate for stage 4.

As a physician, he was able to understand non hodgkin’s lymphoma medicosis and non hodgkin’s lymphoma histopathology in a way that other patients couldn’t but he still struggled with the unknown. He discusses his cancer treatment and eventually remission. But he adds that he then landed in a phase of depression. Though he was happy the cancer was in remission, it had been his only relationship and such a sharp point of focus for so long.

After the treatments he found himself basically alone and asking “what’s next?

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” He talks about how the “spark” eventually came back to him through a chance encounter with a previous trainer. He then describes his own lifestyle changes, from eating choices to exercise to mindfulness and spiritual practices. He’s written a book about the experience and offers consultations for patients through his website.

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For more, see his website at

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