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“My reason for wanting to start the company was a very simple one actually, and a very personal one: my wife had cancer, she had breast cancer…misdiagnosed and then finally correctly diagnosed in 2005. She became metastatic in 2010,” says Robin Bannister, Founder and Director of Research and Development at Care Oncology Clinic.

Dr. Bannister had spent his entire professional life studying different pharmaceuticals and trying to understand the ways in which old drugs could be repurposed, but now there was a new level of urgency to his work. He knew he had to act quickly. To find the drug he was looking for, he first had to reduce the list of 5,000 or so drugs to a list that was more manageable, and he did this by focusing on those that had a long history of safe use and mild side effects, particularly in cancer patients.

The basis of the treatment provided at Care Oncology Clinic takes advantage of the Warburg effect—the metabolic processes used by cancer cells to stay alive and grow. The Care Oncology protocol employs drugs which, simply put, make it exceedingly difficult for cancer cells to survive by limiting the resources they use in order to defend themselves in harsh environments—environments created not only by the standard of care for cancer, but also the body’s own immune system. By tuning in to today’s episode, you will learn the details of this and more, including:

  • What an efflux pump is and how exactly it’s used by cancer cells
  • Why the standard of care is not perfect, but often has a part to play in the treatment of cancer
  • How the Care Oncology protocol can serve as an adjunct to the treatment for all cancer types

Locate the Care Oncology USA website at

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